25 04 2011

We left our comfy island home in search of something more and landed ourselves in the big smoke of South Beach Miami! A world away from Utilia where golf carts and bicycles were replaced with Hummers and Ferrari’s! Dinners went from $20 a night to $100 and Matt almost fell off his chair when a can of beer and a cocktail cost the equivalent of a whole night out. Not that we are complaining – we had a very wild night, shopped up a storm and ate some amazing food whilst being treated to the outstanding service that America has to offer. When buying a new pair of sunnies we were offered bottles of water and chocolates to sweeten the deal!

South Beach!!

Miami skyline.

Miami Vice.

Miami Beach.

We made a little stop in at the Miami marina to see what this shiny expensive town had to offer in the boat department, only to be blown away with how much money there actually is in this city. There were amazing boats lined up for miles! Also a 20 something year old captain with his hat on backwards, music blearing and 3 bikini clad hotties sitting on the top deck, backing a boat worth at least 20 million dollars into a tiny spot like it was nothing – definitely from another world!

Most amazing boats ever!

The Dog!

How to reverse park $20 million worth of boat!!

Just an average pool bar in Miami.

Every second car looked as good as this!

The most expensive dinner we have had in a while!

On our last night we ventured to the famous beach bar Nikki Beach – the most off the hook place we have been so far! Our waitress kept the wine flowing while everywhere around us bikini clad amazing bodies danced and partied – you can seriously wear a bikini anywhere anytime in Miami and not look out of place or strange, only if you have high heels on too of coarse!

Nikki Beach Club - Madness!

Decent turnout for a Sunday night.

$300 to sit on one of the beds!

Airport sleeps after a big weekend!

Now for the exciting news!! After a red eye back to Bocas we arrived at our new home/job – S/Y Captiva! An 80ft sailing yacht that we will be crewing in Panama, through the San Blas Islands and to Columbia! A mix of high end charters and transport for travelers between central and south America! Check out the website if you get a chance (you will see a few familiar faces featured on activities and Bocas to Cartagena) and if your planning a trip this way we would LOVE to have you on board!

Our new office!

Happy Easter, hope you all had a great break and more pics of our new job to come shortly!



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29 04 2011

Big enthusiast from this page, a bundle of your posts have definitely helped me out. Awaiting up-dates!

2 05 2011
Matt & Carls

Thanks Alec – glad to help! Let us know if you need any more info.

28 04 2011

OMG again, now I know you will never come home and live the ordinary life! Best start on that Bali villa asap…. We are in downtown Beijing and it is amazing and loving every minute. Walked the Great Wall today and heading out for Peking Duck tonight 🙂 No wifi and no facebook, hopefully in Russia will be different.. Wishing lots of luck with the boat, may try and skype tonight or tomorrow night before we leave Beijing.

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