New York!

16 09 2011

New York New York, the city that never sleeps – never a truer word has been spoken! We had the most amazing time in New York staying with Beck and Cory who were the best hosts. They had us entertained every waking moment, from eating at amazing restaurants, drinking cocktails at the best bars, eating the yummiest pizza New York has to offer, listening to Jazz in underground clubs, wandering through Central Park, shopping and eating meatballs in Brooklyn, going to baseball games, visiting museums or pounding the pavement seeing all of the sites that New York has to offer!

Central Park - Strawberry Fields John Lennon Monument .

Empire State Building.

Fat Cat Jazz Bar - Afro Jazz Dancers.

Bleeker Street Pizza - Best Pizza in New York!

We caught up with a good mate Evan who we travelled with for a few days in Panama back in January. We shared a few wines on the roof top of his apartment which had the best views of Manhattan and the Williamsburg Bridge – one of the apartments in his building is owned by the Trump Modelling Agency, no one seemed to complain about the 6′ tall models drinking up there as well!

NY Crew in East Village.

Guns Anyone?

Balcony Views from Becks and Corys Apartment.

Wall Street.

Lady of Liberty - right before the earthquake hit!

New World Trade Center at Ground Zero.

Skater Boys.

Down town Brooklyn!


More Brooklyn!

Graf in.... Brookyln.


Broooooklyn Fun.

We also caught up with Nat who was on her way to Canada – we went to a Yankees game which was realllly close and exciting! Yankees lost by 1 point after being behind for the whole game.

Yankes Stadium - Ball Game.

Exciting game.


Farewell message after the BEST week!



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