Panama to Colombia – More San Blas!

11 07 2011

We were very happy to be back on land after trip 3, it was a bit of a challenging one thats for sure! We started on the back foot when we blew up our main generator 3 days before the trip! Jez bought another smaller one just so we could get the refrigeration going, but that one blew up also an hour before the guests arrived! So that made my job extra hard as I had to keep food fresh for 15 people in esky’s! Not only did we have no AC power but we also had our share of bad weather. A few of the nights saw all 3 of us crew up on the deck in the middle of the night with torches resetting anchors – all in a weeks work. Luckily our very relaxed guests took it all in their stride and never complained to the sleep deprived crew.

The passage to Colombia was the roughest sea’s that we have had yet – early in to the trip we were hit by a squall with 50 knot winds and Matt and I were on deck reefing the main sheet while Captiva and her guests watched on as we were battered around – definitely a way to get the heart pumping!

Another great trip though that leaves us wondering how we are so lucky every time we get to come back to the San Blas, more great people to meet, exceptional diving, and even I am eating the tuna (in very small portions)!

Another day in paradise

Captiva on anchor at our favourite San Blas spot - Coco Banderos

Drift wood

Beer O'clock

A baby shark that we caught - and released

The one that didnt get away

Dinner for 15!

The bluest water I have ever seen - finally the Greek Isles are beaten!

Its a tough job....

Blue lagoon

A different life for these two little Kuna boys

Gorgeous little Kuna girls

So sweet

The Kuna women still dress very traditionally

I could see Anna Moar in a pair of these

Beak hour

A local ball game

A week stop over in Cartagena and we are off to Panama again on Wednesday. We got a tip off from one of the guests that he is going to propose to his girlfriend which will make for an exciting party on board no doubt! Will fill you in on how that goes soon.



3 responses

13 07 2011

Great photos, so much for the tough life – beer o’clock, yellow lilos!!!! Hey Carls, have you packed one of those cute little Kuna babies into your back-pack to bring home 🙂 xx

12 07 2011

Photos are great guys! Carls I cant believe you have found somewhere with blue-er water than that place in Zante – almost impossible! Love the shot of you just chilling your yellow li-lo.. you guys are living the life.. missing you both xx

31 07 2011
Matt & Carls

Could I get a gig with Pace Photography over summer? 😉

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