Bali bali bali!!

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13 09 2011
Craig Shiel

Hi Matt
Beryl gave me your site details and said you wanted info on how to find the Shiel farm in Ireland. It is very difficult to find. It is easier to find the graveyard at Wolfhill next to the Church that has the grave of Francis Shiel’s brother, John. The farm is about 5 kms from there.
Wolfhill is a small village in County Laois. It is about 20 kms south of Portlaois. You will need an Ordnance Survey map (No.61)

It is probably easiest to ask one of the old locals where the old Shiel farm at Crissard was. They are usually happy to direct you. If this helps, the coordinates of the farm are: 657259,685608. Hope you are enjoying Ireland again. Craig

4 02 2011

I really wish I wasn’t working in a -40 Albertan weather after looking at your traveling itinerary. Travel safe!

11 12 2010

Hey Carls and Matt,
I have made it to your website and love the idea that we can keep track of you on here!! The surf looks amazing and Matt the photos of you surfing are awesome.
I look forward to seeing where you get to on your travels.
Miss you

15 11 2010

hawaii!!! hope your having a ball!! the site is epic…frothing on keeping track of your travels and cant wait to meet up! xxx

18 11 2010
Matt & Carls

Hey Jess,

Hope your well, this place is mental, surfed Hanalei Bay the other day unbelievable setup and cool people. See you in Huntington!!

11 11 2010

Hey , Have a fabulous trip . i love your website, It’s a brilliant idea , Very matty and Carlz.

All the best xd

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