Seoul – South Korea

14 09 2012

Didnt know what quite to expect when we planned our visit to Korea, admittedly we decided to spend a few days as we had jagged a cheap flight to break up our trip from Bali to Vegas, and Incheon international is one of the few places you can fly direct.

Thanks Ange from work who gave us some invaluable info, its always so much better getting good intel, especially in a city! I think we managed to knock over most of your recommendations.

Its evident the Korean culture is a culture built on pride and respect. I cant recount the times during our trip that we were either, helped with directions, bags, vacated a seat so we could sit together, or just stopped to ask where we were from. (more than likely having a laugh at the weird bearded guy with a snowboard bag that cant understand them!).

She was mad for the Churros!

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Palace Guards

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Stoked to be having his pic taken all day with Gringos

King Sejong


For a city of 10 million centralised, and another 10 million living in outskirts you can barely tell. No rubish, great subway, friendly people getting on. Picturing Sydney with 10 million…hmmmm.

The Uni precinct is alive, loads of small alleys with street bars, Korean BBQ’s, cafes and markets buzzing all night. Our guide on the DMZ tour worded us up that the Koreans are the 3rd biggest drinkers after the Russians and Germans, and the old rice wine is running through their veins.

Over the last year weve figured out the tour bus gig isnt really us, but it would have been tough rocking up to the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone ) minus a guide, so SLR around the neck, and all aboard. The tour was a bit sugar coated, what the guide lacked in fact (hope you all brought your umbrellas, because sometimes the North Koreans spray us with poison) he made up for in humor.

Confronting though thinking about the lives lead North on the other side of a 150 mile long double razor wire fence with CCTV every few kms accross the entire length of the Country.

WTF is a Cat Cafe???

Street Food.

Had to be a Hello Kitty….

Korean War Memorial

Enough rambling…. Korea gets the Magic Fountain thumbs up cool city to visit if you can handle the pace. Now in transit, stretching up at gate 27, en route to a quiet weekend in LAS VEGAS where we get to hook up with 8 of our mates for Renae’s 30th festival.



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17 09 2012

Great to hear you had a smashing time in Seoul – it really has been one of my favourite places to visit so far (possibly because like you both I had no idea what to expect!) Hope the soju didn’t do too much damage. All the best for the rest of your travels!

25 09 2012
Matt & Carls

Thanks Ange! Was good fun, no Soju damage, great being back on the road, Mexico is up there with the top of the chart!


14 09 2012
Jimmy :)

Mental, I love Korea!!! Food’s awesome!!! Eat live octopus if you dare…??

25 09 2012
Matt & Carls

When are we catching up for a beer old boy, always too long! In Canada soon if ya keen for some riding come stay with us in Whistler.


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