Cartagena to Portobelo – Trip 2

21 06 2011

Back to the San Blas we go and we didnt think it could get much better…. But throw a group of 12 Aussies, a Welsh and a Canadian on a boat and you get a bloody good time!

It all started when catching 6 tuna, a massive barracuda and a rainbow runner on the passage so guests enjoyed fresh sahsimi and tuna steaks for lunch and dinner!! Its times like these that make me wish I ate seafood, mind you I did try the cooked tuna and it wasnt too bad at all!

The fisrt night in the San Blas the guests hit the cocktail bar pretty hard and almost drank it dry! This resulted in Matty and I venturing into a local village on one of the more inhabited islands in search of ice and rum.  The locals are so helpful and friendly even if they can’t understand a word we are saying – the little kids follow you around with the biggest smiles on their faces which makes you think that our visits are as special to them as they are for us! Mission accomplished and bar re-stocked in time for the guys to enjoy a Coco Loco in the jacuzzi for lunch.

Stunning San Blas

One of the 7 big fish caught along the way

Double hook up

Messy Business

Sashimi feast

Beautiful coloured starfish everywhere


Our Aussie guests enjoy a Coco Loco in the jacuzzi


Another day in paradise

San Blas transporation

Kuna fishermen

On the 2nd last night the guys decided a pirate party and drinking games were on order for the night. Scarf’s, eye patches, eye liner and rum punch came out and transformed our boat into a group of rowdy pirates. People were dared to flip of the boat, drink out of a dead fish, dive through hoops and run topless around the boat…….. Just another day at work! 😉

Pirate crew

More pirates

Crazy Welsh guest drinking shots out of a fish

Jen attempting to dive through hoops


Back in Panama City rounding up more guests, looks like a quick turn around this time so back to Colombia we go.

Ship wreck



3 responses

5 07 2011

That shipwreck been there for awhile you think? Hard to tell in the photo..

10 07 2011
Matt & Carls

Yeh it has been there for a while – it has split in 2!! There are ship wrecks all over the place – lots of reefs to hit. 🙂

21 06 2011

OMG that looks like sooooo much fun……..arrrhhhh sooo fun!

do you understand how COLD it was at 5am when i go up to go coaching???? 😦


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