Pavones – Costa Rica South Pacific Coast

14 08 2011

After the boat adventure we were in need of finding some waves urgently, so with a good tip off on a little town on the south coast of Costa Rica we set off for the 2 day mission.

The Costa Rican Pacific coast is an amazing spot, with the most abundant wildlife in Central America you are greeted with toucans and monkeys in the tree’s, horses grazing on the beaches and waves in plentiful supply. A place that we will be back to and worthy of a surf road trip over no less than 2 months.

Rancho Canatella run by Joe and Shirley is a jungle escape that caters for 15 people across from one of the longest left handers on the planet. Joe and his wife took this over about 3 years ago, days are taken up with maintenance, surfing, running the lodge and spending time with their little fella Kianoa.

The Ranch

Our Jungle Hut

Fire Sky

The Point



Wild Monkeys

Pacific Coast Sunsets

Another Point



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7 08 2014
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Pavones – Costa Rica South Pacific Coast | THE MAGIC FOUNTAIN

14 08 2011

get out of the

Tree Big Dawg

16 08 2011
Matt & Carls

aarrgggghhh ya luv it bruva!! Not long now old boy, nearly in the starting blocks!

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