Heads met along the trail………

Deep Blue – Utilia!

Matty and his DMT mentor Kikay!

Is this Bros??

Go Norway???

Jeff hates captions.

Good times in Panama – Hasta Luego….

Last night in Bocas with the Hosteluego crew!

Juan, Will and Martine - rippers from Argentina!

See you in Buenos Aires Boys!

Matty, Cody and Clint - fun times at Luego!

The Reddest Deer in Panama – Cody and Clint!


Annie Moar’s final portrait!

Chocolate Brownie McIlwaine

Chocolate Brownie McIlwaine

Thanks for sharing a great month with us on our adventure! All of the desserts, chips, many laughs, good times and ‘incidents’ will never be forgotten – we miss you already! x

DORM HEADS - Hosteluego Bocas

Gene Kimlin, diving buddy from Aus who is now a Cirque de Soleil performer in ‘O’.

We loved the show Gene, thanks again for the back stage tour! See you in the summer for a pool party! 🙂

Frothers Judy and Santiago, thanks for the mental night!

Lubiano's Mexican Haleiwa!

Thanks for letting us share a cheeky night at the Hilton guys!

Jules and Ewan blow into the North Shore for a night!

Pimping aint easy

Enough Said.

Who is this guy!! Could these hats take off in Auz like Havaianas did?

And Headville Presents!!

Wilbur the Pig

Tahiti Nui Hanalei Bay

Chris and Trish our new Canadian connection!!! Thanks guys for an awesome few days at camp rooster! Hope you had a good sleep in after the Mai Tai session. All the best with the wedding plans and cant wait to catch up with you guys in Canada!

Tokyo Ken

Doctor Ken! Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip and get plenty more waves!


Grizzley is a Hanea Beach local who moved to Kauai in 1980 and lives on the beach collecting Puka shells to make jewellery to sell to the tourists that pass by. Matt thought I had been done by paying $25 for one of his bracelets until we saw them being sold in town for between $200 to $500! One necklace was selling for $8000!! He is a gun on the hula hoop!!!

Check this out!! http://www.etsy.com/people/pukabear

Rob Machado

Exhibit A

3 responses

30 11 2010

Hi matt & carlz

How are you?
I had a good time at Hanalei.
Did you go to Kalalau Trail?


1 12 2010
Matt & Carls

Hi Ken,

Great to hear from you, hope you had fun on the end of your trip! Unfortunately we didn’t get to the trail, we went twice and the weather was bad, they also closed the trail to Kalalau. Got some fun waves though and Carlie’s legs have gotten better so thanks for the medicines!

Keep in touch and enjoy the website.

Matt & carlie

19 11 2010
The Pozar & The Hof

Good work Carls the first decent pick up of the trip with old mate Grizzley, how many teeth did that dude have, not many by the look of it.. nice jugs!

Any way we reckon that if the True Blood theme is on for Vegas that Matty is definately Lafayette or that fat coppa Andy Bellfour.. its on like KING KONG!

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