10 10 2010

Looking forward to seeing the King in action in a couple of weeks.




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19 11 2010
Big Bad Shady

Has hammer eaten the chinese neighbours yet?

19 11 2010

Good work Carls the first decent pick up of the trip with old mate Grizzley, how many teeth did that dude have? not many by the look of it.. nice jugs!

Any way if we are doing the vampire theme in Vegas we reckon Matty is Lafayette to a tea.. or the fat coppa Andy Bellfour.. its on like KING KONG..

16 11 2010

Matt great images,you guys having a blast ,may you continue to make all your dreams come true keep in touch.

15 11 2010

Whats happening in one week??? I’m tuned!

15 11 2010

Mate, seriously frickin jealous of you guys, looks like a mega experience, and only a couple of days in. Enjoy the supersizin, and get a beard on, no true traveller goes without a beard you could lose a dog in.

13 11 2010

Missin you guys…. count down to vegas begins. Only 44 sleeps til mayhem!!! Looking at flights from San Jose Costa Rica around 26th jan… what do you think? Or maybe i’ll make it the 27th…. unAustralian not be be getting pissed with some Aussie louts on the 26th xxxx

14 11 2010
Matt & Carls

Well Miss AMac it looks like you have just answered your own question, dont forget to pack your cork hat and we already have some Auzzie flag tats to put on your forehead! Make sure you two check out the link we put up for Rain from last NYE…….you’ll luv it!

26 11 2010
Black Cat

Annie Mac, huney what’s up with your cartoon face??

13 11 2010
The Buck

How fitting is it that the US was your first destination? Big Dog has been been supersized since forever and Gidman has recently done her own supersizing… I am currently supersizing myself in preparation for the assault on Vegas!!

14 11 2010
Matt & Carls

MMMMMM…….the land of milk and honey.

14 11 2010
Matt & Carls

Except for the fact that these bozos charge through the backside every time they see a surfboard! Called the airline today and they are gona slug us with $150 per board from Vegas to Panama! Thats after I have to pay $100 a piece from Haw to Mainland!!! Units!

12 11 2010
Black Cat

Come back!! It’s already been to long…

12 11 2010

Aloha CIDMAN n DAAAWWWWWGGGG! E komo mai o Hawaii. Yeww!

13 11 2010
Matt & Carls

Hey Pup – surf report for Sunday is 10-15ft on the North Shore! Can you send over the offcut!!

11 11 2010

Finally the slater meets the big dog……

7 11 2010

and the story begins

4 11 2010

thanks for making me the orginal head. sitting in the smoko hut at midnight with several other hall of fame melons right now. anyway have a shit one!

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