30 11 2010

Leaving Maui in two days, great island with plenty to do. Hiked into a dormant volcano, dove a volcanic island reef, drank $1 happy hour Mai Tai’s, and ate Huli Huli chickens, all on a shoestring! Enjoy.

Haleakala Trip

Sunrise at 8000ft

Huli Huli Chicken!!

Small day at Honolua Bay

Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!!

Bloody Yanks.

Arrived in Maui three days ago, its the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands with a totally different vibe to Kauai. We headed North west to a town called Hana. Hana is on the windy side of the island so no surfing for now.

The road to Hana is famous for the coastal drive through jungles and past waterfalls, it also goes past the tow-in wave JAWS. Yesterday we went to the Haleakala National Park and hiked a 6km trail through a bamboo forest to the Wailua Falls. Pretty epic stuff hearing bamboo belting together in the wind as you cruise through, and being able to watch fresh water meet the ocean. Enjoy the pics.


Falling Water.

Mrs Fountain does the Wailua Falls

Bamboo stuff!

Big Crazy Tree.


Maybe a two and half pike????

Locals told us a tourist drowned the day we arrived



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22 12 2010
Gocky & Kate

Hey Matty and Carls,

The website looks awesome, we especially love your crater video Carls! You both look well. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas, it’s always a hard time to be away from home but don’t worry nothing’s changed here. Keep enjoying yourselves!

Love Gocky and Kate xxx

22 12 2010
Matt & Carls

Hey guys,

Thank you! Having a ball and the crater was amazing!
Hope your enjoying your 1st summer on the east side,
Xmas here should be fun, a big Xmas Eve bash at the hostel and hopefully a sky dive jump on Xmas Eve!

Have a great one and chat soon!


7 12 2010

The video of the volcano is amazing….. What an amazing place with great pics as well. Chat to you soon on skype.. lots of love Mum xxxx

6 12 2010
The Buck

Nice vid kids.

I can just picture Big Dog getting amongst the tucker (every post has a food related photo) – pineapple on one fist, chicken on the other!! See you soon guys.


5 12 2010

Hey Groovers

Good to see you’re havin’ a good time with the locals… To be expected though!

Awesome bamboo pic and the sunset pic in the last update!

Keep on keepin’ on!

1 12 2010

Fantastic photos guys – enjoy!!

6 12 2010
Matt & Carls

Thanks Michelle,

Having a ball, hi to the family!

1 12 2010

Carlie you daredevil…. get away from the falling rocks and fatal drops!!! We need you in one piece!


1 12 2010
Matt & Carls

To party up a storm in VEGAS BABY!! And Panama and Costa Rica – oh so much fun to be had! xxxx

30 11 2010
Kate Hobbins

Some pretty wicked photos and im sure some good stories to tell!
Travel safe you 2!

1 12 2010
Matt & Carls

Hey Thanks Hobbo!

Keep in touch, we need a locals tour of LA when we get there in June!!

Matt & Carls

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