4 01 2011

Sin City, what can we say, or should it be what cant we say! The last few days have been a truly memorable New Years experience (thank god for the photos) that we were lucky enough to share with our good friends Anna, Ryan, Amanda, Hoffy, Sam and Beaker.

Congratulations Hoff and Amanda on your recent Engagement and thanks for letting us all share the celebrations with you!!! You Rock!

Vegas is a a truly mental city and didn’t disappoint. From $20 all you can eat buffets to free drinks at any casino as long as you have $20 in the pokes or are sitting on a table, the place is constantly buzzing with every kind of head under the sun!

Thanks Gene for our backstage tour of Cirque du Soleil’s “O”. A great experience being able to see what makes Vegas’s most successful show tick over.

Planet Hollywood

The Strip

The Bellagio

"O" at the Bellagio

Annie & Carls

Dinner at the Bellagio

Girls ready to hit the town!!

The Recently engaged couple!

Vodka Slurpees!

The old boy has a street!

Rain Nightclub Girls.

Crazy Pink Gimp Guy!! Headlamp Guru!

Acrobat Chicks!

Another Ugly Vegas Girl.

More Craziness..


Rain Nightclub NYE



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