Utila, Bay Islands – Honduras

17 03 2011

Currently in Utila one of the three Bay Islands on the Carribean side of Honduras. The island is a dive mecca offering the cheapest diving and courses on the planet. Carlie has just finished her Open Water and will start her Advanced in a few days. My Rescue completed today and I commence the Dive Master course tomorrow. This includes our stay at the shop and unlimited diving anytime the boat is out, assisting with training courses and about 3/4 dives a day.

On our second day here after diving the Halliburton Wreck, a cargo ship that sits in 30m of water. We were lucky enough to spot a small whale shark about a km from the island. This fella was a baby at 5m, its not uncommon to see the big boys around the island, measuring 30m. Not over yet we then had a free dive with a pod of dolphins half way back to the shop. Our Capitan Oscar was also a happy camper!

Halliburton Wreck

Into the light

Snorkel Head

Whale Shark

Matty up close and personal!

A "small" whale shark @ 5 meters long!

On a beautifully sunny Honduran day we set sail for a small island called Water Cay for our new friend Andy’s 30th birthday and a famous “snorkel test” for newly crowned Dive Master Emma! Picture a small Finlandian sculling beer, rum and whatever else gets poured in – down a snorkel beer bong style! Something that Matt has to look forward to when he finishes his training!

Water Cay was incredible, stunning blue warm water, plenty of drinks, beats and good people! You can rent these small islands for $125 a night!

On our way in style

One of the islands up for rent

Island water



Early in the day

A "few" drinks later!

Its Paddys Day here so we are off to the beer Olympics where Matty is competing for the Deep Blue Divers team – should be another interesting afternoon! More pics soon! x



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25 09 2014
dare dorm pass

dare dorm pass

Utila, Bay Islands – Honduras | THE MAGIC FOUNTAIN

5 04 2011

Utila is the best! I love that place. Emma and I stayed there for a week. Dive all day, drink and party all night! And how awesome are the whale sharks?? Keep having fun 🙂

5 04 2011
Matt & Carls

Hi Karen, having an awesome time here! I havent seen a whale shark yet – matt’s seen 4! Were outta here on Friday, will put up more pics soon. So beautiful – did you get to Water Cay?

1 04 2011

Looks so much fun carls! the islands look amazing! have fun!

18 03 2011

Very good…where is the info on the boat you were talking about?

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