Just finished our first trip with Panama Sailing Adventures from Bocas Del Toro Panama to Cartagena Colombia. The next trip is scheduled for the 11th June to return to Portobelo Panama with 4 days in the San Blas, please email us if you know anyone that would like to join us hope your travels are going well.

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9 03 2011
Jamal Assad


9 03 2011
Jamal Assad

Call Jamal biaaatch…

20 12 2010

hey guys, cool meeting you at Kalani, if you haven’t figured out where to stay in panama city yet i have a buddy that owns a hostel called http://panamabyluis.com/ i met and hung out with him in amsterdam 5 years ago, super nice guy. if you stay there for sure tell him shane from vancouver said hi!

21 12 2010
Matt & Carls

Hey Shane,

Thanks mate we will look into that for sure as we havent got anything sorted as yet, and will have a beer with him for you also! Thanks for the info and we will hopefully catch up for a beer when we get to Canada.

24 11 2010
Black Cat

Hey Guys,

I was talking to Elle last night (my friend from Mambo who you meet last new years eve) and she was saying she would be more than happy to give you some pointers when you get to Panama as she lived there for years and Abby her husband was high up in the know how over there. So if you have any questions or want to know more about Panama let me know and I will get her email for you.
Missin you guys. xxx

16 11 2010

Hey Carlz,

Have you worked out where in Costa Rica you are going??

My mate Frenchy has a brother who has a Hotel in Costa Rica. The town is Jaco and is one of the party towns of Costa Rica.

I will try get a web address so you can check it out if your keen. Nico and Aude speak good english and really nice people. They are about same age as you guys.

Let me know

18 11 2010
Matt & Carls

Hey Adam,

That would be sweet, although at this stage we are not sure on what dates we will get there, will be in Panama making our way North during January, but it depends on if Matt gets surf in Bocas as we have heard it is worth hanging around for a while so may get caught up, let me know how you go or even if you can CC us into an email to them that would sweet.

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