21 01 2011

After Ryan’s departure for his 80 hour transit back to Sydney, and a good swell for 3 days in Bocas, the girls decided it was time to drag me away from the coast to a town called Boquete. The town sits on a mountain river in the “Lote” Chiriqui highlands between the pacific and Carribean coasts of Western Panama.

Prior to leaving we were told of “Lost & Found”a nomadic style hostel built by two Canadian travellers. Basically these two guys picked a spot that travelers would pass and then built a hostel up a cliff in the middle of the jungle. The first challenge at this place is getting the bus to stop at their home made sign, next you just have to make it up the 15min hike to the hostel itself. A good call leaving the three boards in Bocas.

So after a couple of beer fueled nights meeting some great other folks in the 6 x 6 jungle bar, and getting the low down on Turantula sex from the resident Oxford University Arachnologist, it was time to leave the mountain crew with their nightly foosball competition so as not to miss the main reason we travelled all this way to Central America. The Boqete Coffee and Flower festival.

Evan, Annie and Carls about to hike to their beds.


Rooms in the Jungle

Dinner Time

Sunset at Lost & Found

Loco Monkey!

Cold mountain water on a very hot day.

Red Dragon Flies.

Hot Springs


One of the tick box activities that most do when they come to Central America is Ziplining, (AKA) flying through the trees on a pool lanerope cable whilst having the blood cut off to your balls. So with Captain AMac at the helm wearing her best jungle knee high boots and off the shoulder number we set off up the mountain again to be proper tourists!

Tarzan impersonations complete, flower festival tick, back on the chicken bus to where there is sun, sand, salt water and brazilian bikinis. Next stop accross the border to Costa Rica’s Rasta surf town of Peurto Viejo.



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30 05 2014
rear view mirror car

rear view mirror car


21 06 2011

really doing it!! living the life! hats off, big salute

24 01 2011
The Buck

Last time i saw FHM there were more close-ups….

Ziplining looks cool – wifey’s a daredevil she makes me proud!!

Keep enjoying the buzz – I hope wifey can arrange travel to spend Aust Day with the Fountains. And the Fountains provide her with another Aust Day to remember.


23 01 2011

love it guys – amazing pics and great times, so fantastic… miss u xoxox

31 01 2011
Matt & Carls

Miss you too Becksy! Hope you and Annie and having a mad time! xx

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