Popoyo – Nicaragua

27 02 2011

Popoyo Nicaragua, a tiny surf town mid way on the Pacific coast. There is not much to do here besides surf, sleep, eat, lay in the hammock and surf again.

Lake Nicaragua the largest inland lake in Central America runs almost parallel to the coast near where we are and creates constant offshore winds for 300 days of the year. Surf here has been the most consistent we have come across with waves in the 3 – 4ft range everyday.

Each day a fruit truck rocks down the main street sounding like a propaganda wagon, its hard to say no when you can buy 2 pineapples, 14 bananas and 6 oranges for $2.50.

The town itself is growing with surf tourism with almost 7 hostels and homestays now available. Apparently enough to put on a contract security guard for the street, he doesn’t have a uniform but is the only person in town that carries an AK-47 over his shoulder and haven’t seen him argued with to date.

Popoyo beach

Hammock time at Casa Maur Guesthouse Popoyo

Hostel views

Sunset colours

Forget something?


Local groms

Locals here are super friendly in and out of the water. Doing my best to get the spanish to a decent enough level to have some more detailed conversations with the groms out in the water.

Grom punt!

Sunset surfers

The Melting Elephant Guest House

Nicaraguan OHS?





6 responses

10 02 2012

This is my FAVORITE place in Central America. I’m actually going back on March 1st and can’t get in touch with Miguel. The above link doesn’t work either . . . anybody know how to get in touch?


12 02 2012
Matt & Carls

Hey Mate,

Sorry cant help you, not sure why the website has been taken down either, good luck keep trying!!

20 04 2011

hey nice page… i stayed at casa maur last year.. I’m trying to get in touch with them.. would you have a phone # ?


20 04 2011
Matt & Carls

Thank you! No we dont sorry – you may be able to contact them via this site thought: http://nicaraguasurfpopoyo.com/

11 03 2011
The Buck

Glad to see no pressure from Lynne here regarding offspring….
The fence we built at Dundas was straighter than that wonky house. Maybe you could get a job in construction over there Bog Dog??

28 02 2011

OMG you guys, this place is amazing and I think you will never want to come home to give me those grand kids that I am waiting for!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy while you are able. Miss you guys xxxx

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