San Juan Del Sur – NICARAGUA

20 02 2011

After 2 days, 1 boat, 2 border crossings, 3 taxis and 2 long haul bus rides we FINALLY left Bocas behind us. It was a very easy to get stuck there!

We have arrived in the beautiful Nicaraguan town of San Juan Del Sur, the town is built around a stunning bay on the Pacific coast. The weather is extremely toasty but the ocean water is icey which is a nice contrast to the bath water we have had in the Caribbean. Plus we get amazing over water sunsets!!! The locals are really friendly – reminds us of a Balinese vibe.

The food is great – $2 tacos, and we have been dining in the local cantina’s where the head waitress is a 10 year old girl who is amazing at her job! She serves in her school uniform and I’m sure gets great tips.

We have been travelling with a group from the hostel in Bocas, 9 of us in total – 8 girls and Matt! How did he get so lucky.

Next stop is a small town up the coast called Popoyo – we’ll post more pics soon!

Carls and Marina (our new dorm buddy) in transit.

San Juan Del Sur Bay.

View from the beach - if you zoom in you can see a massive Jesus statue on the hill.

Down town San Juan.

Church square.

Such a nice little town!

Dinning Hall - amazing tacos and so cheap!

Amazing sunsets.

Cocktails anyone?

Sunset drinks in the beach side bar.

Fire Maddness!

Fire dancers at the Pataya Surf Festival.



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